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ATEX Heating,
Extraction and Ventilation

At ATR, we have a comprehensive range of Heating, Extraction and Ventilation Equipment within our fleet to meet the requirements of our customers.

All our machines are repaired and serviced in house by manufacturer trained technicians and can be supplied in numerous different package configurations, including all necessary accessories according to your specific requirements.


The SA CYCLONE Portable Fan 30cm is a reliable, portable high power ventilation unit for use in hazardous areas.

Constructed from ultra-tough antistatic polymer and fitted with aluminum turbine fan blades, the fan will provide reliable extraction or ventilation in arduous and potentially explosive environments.

As well as full ATEX certification, the unit has safety features including finger guards, pull/push switch and an automatic thermal cut-out on the motor.

Airflow is up to 4250m³/hour and the heavy duty motor is continuously rated. Flexible antistatic ducts 4.6 metres or 7.6 metres long are available and supplied individually in a dedicated holdall. Duct couplers are also available to allow longer duct lengths to be created.

Every fan is delivered having had a full run test and fitted with cable and specified plug ready for use.


These Fans have been specifically made to meet the requirements of ATEX Directive 94/9/EC (Atex 95a).

They are high quality, strong and reliable fans consistent with the Spitznas® name for quality products coupled with casings and impellars made from materials that reduce the risk of generating heat or sparks should there be an operational problem.


The SA CYCLONE Venturi is a market-leading air-driven ventilator that is tough, durable and highly efficient.

Exceptionally simple to operate and with no moving parts, the SA CYCLONE Venturi provides ventilation in the most extreme environments.

It operates on the Venturi principle of using small volumes of high velocity air (from a pneumatic supply or compressed air) and pushing the air through the cone body creating entrained air (pulling action) that induces large volumes of low velocity air through the cone and out of the air diffuser. And with the smallest unit weighing only 2kg, it is truly portable.

Flexible reinforced antistatic ducting and duct adaptors/couplers are also available, as well as earthing clamps and air hoses, giving a complete solution.


The Electac Portable MT Welding Fume & Dust units are rugged and efficient with a proven design that leads to a long and trouble-free working life.

Many companies around the world use the double motor MT900ni and the single motor MT800ni, finding them both inexpensive to buy and efficient to operate. Both units are used when portability and flexibility are required either with a capture nozzle held by a magnet or with a MIG extractor torch taking the fumes directly from the weld area.

A built-in spark trap and main disposable filter cartridge give 99.99% efficiency for all particulate. Bypass airflow motors use separate cooling fans to ensure long life and a prominent filter full light.

If you would like to discuss your requirements with one of our specialists please get in touch via our contact page, via email or call +44 (0)1224 222777.