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Magnetic Crawler Hull & Tank Inspection

At ATR, we provide Magnetic Crawler Hull and Tank Inspection services for clients in the Energy, Marine, Subsea, Renewables, Industrial, and Food & Drink industries.

In conjunction with our service partners, Air Control Entech, (ACE), we have drawn upon our collective knowledge to carry out research into critical industries’ inspection requirements, where we focused on key areas, such as advanced inspection techniques, including robotics, crawler systems and UAV inspection platforms.

Safety and performance capability are two major factors, which we always consider. However, another significant aspect we focus on is the quality of inspection data gathered and the ease of processing and displaying the data.

The variety of our diverse capabilities allows us to deploy our technologies from various previously inaccessible areas, ensuring our clients receive the best possible solutions to address their inspection needs.


ATR and ACE would provide Unmanned Arial Vehicle (UAV) and Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) equipment and personnel to inspect Ballast and Cargo Oil Tanks on board an FPSO.

To drive efficiency, we recommend utilising UAVs for the Cargo Oil Tanks and ROVs for the Water Ballast Tanks. Based on our experience, it would take approximately two days per tank for visual inspections and two days per tank for class accredited UT inspections.

Additional equipment could also be mobilised to perform opportunistic work scopes and demonstrations, such as external inspection UAVs and crawlers to carry out hull inspections.

Compared to rope access inspection, UAV inspection can significantly reduce the inspection time required, even by as much as 85%.

If you would like to discuss your requirements with one of our specialists please get in touch via our contact page, via email or call +44 (0)1224 222777.