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Our Product

ATR provides industry-leading power, lifting and tooling solutions to our clients from the Onshore and Offshore Energy, Marine, Subsea, Wind, Industrial, and Food & Drink sectors.

We supply leading brands in offshore tooling, lighting, heating, lifting equipment and associated consumables.

An unrivalled track record and expansive equipment range places ATR as a market leading supplier to the world’s largest operators and contractors. Our experience and expert knowledge allows us to assist companies and projects with confidence, and supply the most up-to-date equipment and services available.


With over 40,000 rental assets across our locations, we provide the following solutions:

ATEX Lighting and Power Distribution

ATR is a specialist provider of ATEX rated lighting, heating, transformers and mains distribution equipment. We hold a vast range of lighting options in our fleet, suitable for working both onshore and offshore.


ATEX Cold Cutting and Grinding Equipment

ATR is the exclusive UK Distributor for Safety Tools Allmet, providing industry-leading ATEX equipment options suitable for all your cold cutting and grinding requirements. Air tools are specially designed to use with files and discs in hazardous work areas.


Electric and Pneumatic Power Tools

ATR has a vast range of Electric and Pneumatic Power Tools, available for sale or rental. Our unparalleled rental fleet of Electric and Pneumatic Power Tools is ready to call on at a moment’s notice. All tools are tested and certified to exacting standards, ensuring the equipment arrives in the clients’ hands safely, fit for purpose and ready for use.


Portable Blasting Equipment

ATR is a specialist provider of high quality, cost effective and efficient fabric maintenance equipment packages and associated services. With the right equipment and specialist services as required, you can meet your project execution goal of completing on schedule and within budget.


Portable Painting Equipment

At ATR, we provide the full spectrum of Surface Preparation Equipment: from blasting to painting, and featuring all consumable, safety and environmental protection elements. Within our rental fleet, we have a range of paint pumps and mixing equipment that is reliable, durable and rugged.


Welding Equipment

ATR has a comprehensive range of welding equipment capable of Manual Metal Arc (MMA), TIG and MIG welding operations within our fleet. All of our machines are repaired, serviced and calibrated in-house by manufacturer-trained technicians and can be supplied in numerous different package configurations.


ATEX Heating, Extraction and Ventilation

At ATR, we have a comprehensive range of Heating, Extraction and Ventilation Equipment within our fleet to meet the requirements of our customers. All our machines are repaired and serviced in house by manufacturer trained technicians and can be supplied in numerous different package configurations.


Electric Driven Compressors

ATR has recently added a fleet of Electric Compressors, which offer improved performance over their diesel equivalents while reducing emissions and helping protect the environment. These units fit all the ESG (Environmental, Social & Governance) criteria and send the right message to your clients.


Rigging Lofts

ATR is a market-renowned leader in providing fully-managed Rigging Loft Management Services specific to our clients’ requirements. Our track record and extensive client portfolio highlights the volume and responsibility which we have been entrusted with to manage efficiently and effectively to meet all deliverables over a significant number of years.


Safety Tools Allmet

ATR is the exclusive UK Distributor for Safety Tools Allmet. These air tools are specifically designed to use with grinding files and discs in hazardous work areas. They are designated safe to use in Ex dust and gas zones 1 and 2, and tested by DNV. Safety Tools Files and Discs are composed primarily of tungsten carbide, which gives them remarkable hardness.


Solar Hybrid Tower Lighting

ATR provides new solar-powered light towers, which enable clients to improve the sustainability of their sites. The HiLight S2+ is a new user-friendly solar-powered LED light tower, which enables users to reduce CO2 emissions by up to six tonnes compared to traditional technologies.


We are committed to helping our clients become more efficient and sustainable by identifying and investing in new, greener technology, including zero emission electric compressors, cutting-edge UAV (Drone), Mini-ROV and Magnetic Crawler inspection techniques.

If you would like to discuss your requirements with one of our specialists please get in touch via our contact page, via email or call +44 (0)1224 222777.