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Our Track

We work very hard to understand both the individual and sector needs of our client base.

ATR has a strong track record in providing quality, reliable and cost-effective power, lifting and tooling solutions for clients operating in the Onshore and Offshore Energy, Marine, Subsea, Renewables, Industrial, and Food & Drink industries.

Our unrivalled track record and vast equipment range places ATR as
a market leading supplier to the world’s largest operators and contractors.

We always work on providing the best option and approach, sending our most suitable staff and experienced personnel to offer the necessary support for the more complicated projects.

Below we are sharing a few examples of our recent projects, where our teams demonstrated their expertise in finding suitable and safe solutions in challenging conditions.


Following the successful completion of initial LOLER Inspections onboard a client’s newly installed Wind Turbine Jackets, the client required further services from ATR. Our Technicians worked on their snagging list, re-torquing grating and handrail bolts, inspecting Guardrail weldments and performing critical paint repairs


Our service capability is greatly enhanced with Centurion Group partner JACKS, working with ATR to deliver market-leading specialist Lifting Equipment Inspection and Testing services. Our clients are enjoying the seamless service, delivered both economically and safely. By combining our resources and working together we are able to minimise mobilisation costs as well as mitigating the current challenges of manpower deployment.

Recently our multi-skilled Inspection Technicians have successfully executed several LOLER / NDT work scopes in APAC and MENA regions. Working from strategically located Centurion hubs in Aberdeen, Perth, Darwin and Singapore, we were able to optimise efficiency and reducing both our clients and our own carbon impact.

Real-time online inspection reporting and review allowed for efficient and optimal forward planning options for our client. Our collaboration, combined knowledge and experience earned the ATR-JACKS team some well-deserved positive feedback from the Vessel.


Within a project that required to complete a Load Test of a Provisions Lift onboard a client’s platform, due to challenging access conditions, the ATR team worked together to find a suitable and safe option to complete the test.

After excluding test weights and water bags, ATR sourced four portable water tanks with top filler points. These could hold the required test weight, fit into the lift comfortably, and be loaded safely on the upper levels. Once in place, the lift was lowered until supported by the platform, and the tanks evenly filled to the required weight. This way, we performed test lifts and the proof load test.

The test was completed within our client’s timescale and budget, and more importantly, this solution allowed for a better controlled and safer load test.