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Solar Hybrid
Tower Lighting

ATR provides new solar-powered light towers, which enable clients to improve the sustainability of their sites.

The HiLight S2+ is a new user-friendly solar-powered LED light tower, which enables users to reduce CO2 emissions by up to six tonnes compared to traditional technologies. This innovative solution delivers efficient, high performance lighting, providing the teams on site good visibility while increasing the site’s sustainability and complying with the zero CO2 emissions and noise regulations.

This next-generation lighting system features 4x90W LED floodlights to deliver 2,000 m2 of light coverage, using solar radiation as an energy source and providing silent and cleaner operations. The light tower is robust, easy to transport, and comes ready to use. Batteries can be recharged with solar energy in eight hours or with an external power source in just three hours.

With the HiLight S2+ reliable light tower, users can easily accomplish a work shift of 11 hours with hardly any CO2 emissions or noise.

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