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Use of Electric Driven Compressors to Reduce Carbon Footprint

In 2021, Centurion invested heavily in a rental fleet of Electric Driven Compressors which reflects which reflects the company’s core values by offering our clients new technology, improved performance, reducing emissions and helping the environment.

In order to meet their ESG commitments, many of our blue-chip clients aim to become net-zero emissions energy businesses over the next two to three decades. On average, their target is to reduce their carbon intensity, measured by the Net Carbon Footprint, by approximately 45% by 2035, which includes introducing new technology coupled with cost savings where possible.

As a simple environmental option to reduce their operational emissions,
a key client initially trialled a number of Electric Driven Compressors
on assets in the UKCS with great success.

A 4-page study was carried out by our client on the operational, environmental and financial benefits of utilising Electric Driven Compressors versus diesel driven equivalents, resulting in the following summarised conclusions:

  • Potential annual reduction of CO2 emissions by 324 Tonnes per 260cfm unit
  • £58,000 annual savings on rental costs per unit
  • £20,000 annual savings on diesel costs per unit
  • £12,000 annual savings on maintenance costs
  • Negates the potential hazard of fuel spills while re-fuelling
  • No need to purchase/stock/control spares – zero maintenance
  • Can be used in small areas low in ventilation (including indoors)
  • IP66 rated.

Based on the successful trial of the compressors, the client has now planned to replace diesel compressors with electric units across all assets.