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Time and Cost Savings Achieved Through UAV/ROV Tank Inspection

We are continually adding to our portfolio of Inspection Services to ensure the latest technology is in our clients’ hands and ATR remains the supplier of choice.

In 2020, ATR was therefore delighted to enter into a service partnership with Air Control Entech, (ACE), a robotics, crawler systems and unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) inspection company. In 2021, ATR and ACE were requested to provide UAV and Mini-ROV equipment and pilots along with inspection personnel to inspect Ballast and Cargo Oil Tanks on board a Floating Production Storage and Offloading (FPSO) vessel in the UKCS.

To drive efficiency, UAVs were utilised for the Cargo Oil Tanks and ROVs for the Water Ballast Tanks. It took us two days for visual inspections of each tank and we offered optionally two days per tank for class accredited UT inspections where required. Additional equipment was also mobilised to performed opportunistic work scopes and demonstrations, including external inspection UAVs and crawlers to carry out hull inspections.

Through the utilisation of robotic technology we reduced the risks
associated with working at height and in other potentially hazardous
environments. We were also able to offer data capture whilst assets
remained online, which offered a significant cost saving for the client as
there was no need for unplanned shutdowns.

Based on data from the Oil & Gas Technology Centre (The OGTC) the typical UKCS UAV/Drone cost savings are 60-70%.


Project example:

Industry: Offshore Energy
Requirement: Inspection of 20 Tanks
Project execution: Inspected 18 COT Tanks and two Slop Tanks
Using a team of six personnel (considering the condition of the tanks
A rope access inspection team would require three days of inspection per tank to perform the following actions: open, purge, make safe, set up, inspect, and close, with a total of 60 days to complete the project.
Our team completed the inspection of all 20 tanks in just 9 days using UAV inspection.

Significant reduction in inspection time – 85%.


Project example:
Industry: Offshore Energy
Requirement: 14 Separate Inspection Scopes
Project execution: Completed live flare inspections, general topside inspections, jacket structural inspections, FPSO hull inspections, internal tank inspections, flare book structural inspections, coating breakdown assessments, 3D photogrammetry and decommissioning surveys in 12 days through UAV inspections.

Significant cost and time savings for the client:

The Operator save around $13.3 million of lost production and $320,000 from their topside inspection plan budget
12 days of UAV inspections saved the client 28 days of unplanned shutdowns and loss of production.